Thursday, October 4, 2012

There is no such thing as "respect for others"

It doesn't exist so I have been finding out.

I started my blog to have somewhere to go to help get my feelings etc out there and to help get myself back to a place I used to be in and was happy there.

I have started getting back there and have been avoiding situations that are no good for me and bring me down and make me angry.

I belong to a forum and in my signature, I have my blog link.
Apparently I need to take the blog link down, because I post nasty things about people and places and have named and shamed them. If you look back on all my posts, you will find no links, no user names, no real names, no FaceBook links, no nothing.

I am constantly being punished by ONE group of people because I don't fit into their mould. If they had taken the time to get off their high horse and into the real world and actually saw me walking down the street, they would most likely say hi to me and start a conversation. Judging by others is crap.

There is no such thing as Respect for Others or Freedom of Speech or anything in between.
Its their rule and your rule and your rule just doesn't fit into their rule.

I think its rude that I am being punished for stuff that I haven't done. I have played the rules, I have been nice, I have even kept silent (which is what THEY wanted) and I am still being punished through the internet.

I think its sad. Im at a point where one person is having a real shit time at the moment and all I can think is "I could help you" but it is quickly replaced with "you have had warning and time to do things and you stuffed around"

I am not on the internet as much as I used to be, and Im a happier person for that. Maybe if everyone got off the internet once in a while and went into the real world, they would be happier too and would stop bringing others down with their crap (like I used to).

So, you can take the link down to my blog and yes I will replace it and yes you can ban me,  but you cant stop my blogging. There are no names or even links, but I can be petty and childish like all of you and start putting up names and links....what is the point though? I won. I will always win and you can't do anything to stop me from being a better person from "meeting" all those "lovely" people on the other end of the computer screen all those years ago.

Much Love


  1. ahh Vikki that sucks, you can say whatever you want on your blog, it's your space! I follow lots of blogs and I don't agree with every post I read but the world would be a super boring place if we all had the same ideas and beliefs. p.s they sound like super lame cat ladies:P xxxx

  2. Thanks Michelle. How are you and Pete doing? xxx

  3. I agree your blog you say what you like...your feelings an no one has the right to take that away from you :)...Chin up chick...they sound like mere cats that have no bloody life and are just jealous ♥