Friday, September 14, 2012

Ive lost my zing! #toh20daychallenge

I am on day 10 and have lost my zing!

Last monday, I felt energized and ready to go. I cleaned my kitchen (and its still clean), did the laundry, bathroom, lounge and bedroom. I dusted. I folded laundry. I cleaned out cupboards.

Now, I check my emails and am losing my control.
Every time I open an email and check the next days task list, I get a little bit more BLUE 

Lets start with the Bathroom

  • I don't have a vanity. I have a sink that is attached to a wall.
  • I don't have a vanity bench, cupboards etc....again, just a sink.
In fact in my bathroom is....a bath tub, over head shower head, shower curtain and a sink (oh and the mirror)
So theres my blue.....oh and to add, I only have one bathroom. No ensuite or extra bathroom.

The laundry
I have a washing machine and a tub that is mounted on the wall. No shelves, no cupboards, no freaking under tub anything.......

Another thing....I dont have rugs or decorative cushion things lol.......and we havent had much sun lately to hang these things on the line to eliminate dust mites etc.
I don't even have a pantry to organise or a tuppaware draw/cupboard whatever lol.
I don't have a dishwasher to load and unload every day.
I don't even know what I was meant to do the other day when it was "kids toy room/spare lounge/spare bedroom/craft room" day so since I don't have any of that either, I watched telly.

Day 9 tasks were a wee bit more disheartening for me. We use our ceiling fans all year not too much dust there (and we have allergies so I clean them quite a bit from ash etc), I don't have a junk draw (cos I just decluttered that last week with the kitchen task) and I don't have a diary thingy whatsit....which made me a bit sad that we don't have activities to log, play dates, birthday parties etc (as we John doesn't like to socialise)

Day 10 tasks came into my email box last night and Im a wee bit more sad to say, I only need to clean my oven....the other stuff isn't relevant to me.

So instead of embracing our simple life with our SMALL house of 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, one lounge, one toilet and a laundry room (which is outside), I am left feeding the black dog of doom and not wanting to do this challenge anymore. Its not just that my house is small and simple, its also that most of the cool storage stuff is not available in NZ so I can't even buy any of it to perk my mood up.

Please help perk me up and keep me doing this challenge I took on. The only upside to it so far is that I get grotty when my kitchen starts to look dirty and I have to get up and clean it. The rest of the house is clean and tidy too (except for the kids rooms....a huge skip bin will help with that)....but how do I embrace what I have and keep going every day?

Much Love


  1. Its ok, you are not alone. I too have a tiny house with not mauch storage and clutter everywhere (we moved in 4months ago and all our stuff was in storage and we are still sorting, decluttering and all that jazz).

    I get disheartend cause we don't have a dish washer- that is my job (teenager whines about doing ANYTHING). We dont have a play room- have a rumpus out the back but its not useable due to boxes and crud everywhere).

    So please don't be too disheartened, you are not alone. I am with you on the little house with no storage and nothing fancy side of life.

  2. Please don't be too disheartend ...... having a small home is good ;-) When you have completed the tasks that you CAN do - reward yourself with something that you love ;-) Hopefully, that will help with the motivation to keep going.

  3. Keep going keep going! Don't see it as what you don't have but rather - as the little bits that you "CAN" have organised and clean and tidy.

    There has been several tasks this week that haven't been relevant to our home either!
    Our laundry is not a real laundry but under the house that's been partly cleared so we have a place to put our washing machine!!!!
    Is there anything that you could really make as your 'project' area to organise???

    On the flip side, if you were in a BIG house & trying to be clean and organised you'd probably not have enough time to do it all! ;-)

  4. You can do it. I have a small house (3 bedrooms 1bathroom,6 kids) and it looks like a boom hit it. I know what you mean about being disheartened but keep going and look for other ways to store things. I don't have a linen - we just have shelves on the wall same for built in wardrobes. you can do it just be creative with what you have, go for a shopping trip and see what you can find and cheer yourself up.. You might just find a solution that will work.

  5. Keep going!!! Even if you pull out only a couple things from each email - instead of them all - that's what I'm doing!!! :)

  6. Thank you everyone!
    Today my friend and I took on the WHOLE house. I managed to find floors in the kids rooms and filled the wheely bin up TWICE (cos I had to stomp in it).

  7. Oh I so feel that! I keep looking at the challenges and thinking... "Oh skip that... Can't do that... Don't have that". No ceiling fans, no dishwasher, washing machine in bathroom so not really a laundry, no spare room... So I know what you mean. I'm just picking a choosing bits that work for me, I guess that's all we can do. Keep up with it, you'll be glad you did!