Thursday, June 14, 2012

ARG! 15 tips on life? #blogchallenge day 14

Today I am meant to write 15 tips to help fellow bloggers in life. This challenge is a CHALLENGE! It is making me think outside the box and look inside ME!

These are my tips as cliched as they sound so bear with me :)

  1. Smile. Because you never know who needs it and who will be watching
  2. Dress like every day is a date. It makes you feel fab (and you never know who you will bump into)
  3. Eat the Tim Tam. If you don't, it will be FIVE Tim Tams tomorrow
  4. Laugh, laugh and laugh some more
  5. Cry, cry and cry (if your going to, it means you need to)
  6. Watch that Twilight movie (or any cheesy movie)
  7. If those dishes need doing and you don't want to, JUST wash the plates :)
  8. Ask for help. People might not always be there, but you asked and that is what matters
  9. Get a pet....a cat, a dog, a rat etc it doesn't matter.
  10. Go to church (if you're a church person), you need the people more than you will realise
  11. Have a PJ day. Dvds, fire, blanket, snacks and PJs
  12. Stop making excuses. If you don't want to do something, just say it :)
  13. That 10min walk the drs advise, really does WORK
  14. If you want it, and there is nothing stopping you....go get it!
  15. Try and live life like there is no tomorrow......sometimes its the kick you need.
I think that's it! Other than the age old "be true to yourself" because really if you can't be true to yourself, then who can you be true with? 

I'm at home watching Suburgatory on the My Sky with the fire going thinking that I need to buy food because of course I didn't I'm going to love you and leave you now.

Happy Thursday Arvo
Much Love


  1. I love your list!! :) but what is Tim tam? :/ I really am very curious now. :)

  2. Great tips, ahh Shayla needs a tim tam!! One of the best chocolate dunking biscuits ever! I hate doing the dishes, I think it's the only chore that I am really really slack at! I wonder if I can find some space in the kitchen to put a dishwasher, even if it's a sit on the bench one :D

  3. Mmmmm Tim Tams! I just can't buy them anymore without wanting to eat the whole packet at once!