Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guilty Pleasure/Cooking Disaster/Famous Art

Today I have THREE updates for the blog fault for slacking (and John being home yesterday)

Guilty Pleasure

What is my guilty pleasure?
This was hard, but watching telly with the kids yesterday I got my guilty pleasure....
I may be 28yo, but I love watching Disney movies, Disney channel, High School Musical etc and Trashy reality shows (think Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, 16 and pregnant). I had a crap childhood. I didn't get to watch much cartoons etc and I didn't get to go out to town or have friends over. I was also robbed of my teen years (although I try not to think about it that way) so I am still growing up now. So, while I am doing my blog update, I am watching Adventure Time (even though its really dumb).

Cooking Disaster

I had to ask John for help on this one. His answer? My pasta bake!
A few years ago, I made a Pasta Bake for dinner. The instructions on the sauce jar said "Place uncooked pasta in dish" so I did. I cooked it for the stated time and put cheese on top and then pulled it out and dished it up for dinner. The pasta DID NOT cook! It was raw, hard, crunchy and in the end we made toast (I think)...this is something John and his brother will not let me forget (a long with a lot of other things). John said this is my disaster...he will eat most things I cook, but this he didn't. Since then I have pre cooked the pasta for my pasta bake. So when there are instructions, you don't always have to follow them lol

Famous Art

Im not one for art, but my walls are covered in what I call "famous" art work. Andrew and Declans stuff is all over my walls, my pantry, up the hall way etc. I also have boxes and boxes of their art in cupboards. I have certificates on the wall too. With the kids art, I also have Johns National Certificate. These are my famous art works. I would like to say that if money was no option, I would hang a Mona Lisa or something but I wouldn't. I have no idea what is art and what isn't, I also have no idea on what is famous or worth money.

So there you have guilty pleasure, my cooking disaster and my famous art on the wall. I had a few days to think about all this and I still needed some help.

The kids have come in looking for food (even though they got two helpings of breakfast not even 1hour ago)...better go.

Happy Sunday
Much Love

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  1. Kiddo art is the best art! I wouldn't hang the Mona Lisa in our house, she'd most likely end up with a moustache! Hope you have a good Sunday x