Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I am worth far more than diamonds

I went to church group last Wednesday and one of my beautiful ladies shared this with an illustration.

She had three groups of jewels and explained each one.

Costume jewellery is the stuff that she lets her grandies play with as it's not worth much to her.
Mild valued jewellery is to share with friends as its nice.
The jewels with sentimental value (and very expensive lol) are the ones in the pretty box away from prying hands.

We are worth more than all of these and we are not to let anyone tell us differently.
God made us who we are and we need to remember He loves us for who we are. This was very helpful to me lately. The piece of paper that was given to me with this on it was in the floor of my car and after spending the morning with another beautiful friend, I remembered that I had it.

I am worth far more than diamonds, rubies and any other stone because the Lord and my friends tell me! Proverbs 31:10

I am off to church group tomorrow, I wonder what it has in store for me this week!

Much love Xoxo

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