Monday, May 7, 2012

Men truly are better than women....

Not all women though, just most of them. 

Almost 6years ago I got told to join one of those online forum/coffee group things. Apparently they were a close knit friendly bunch. My friend thought she was doing something nice for someone like me with no close friends and no family being pregnant in a new town with a toddler. Boy was she wrong! 
They weren't very accepting of new people into their circle and are exactly like being at school. You know the ones, one rule for them and another for you. I've always lived my life trying to be accepted by these bitches at school and at 27yo I'm still sadly trying to be accepted by women. 
John is right though, women shouldn't be online or text each other. They are catty vultures. 
Yup I'm putting this out on my blog because its where I can say what I like and you can't do anything about it. I'm suck of trying to fit in to your stupid little coffee group and pretending to be who I'm not isn't working and being who I am isn't working either. 

I'm a bloke at heart - say it how it is, that's me. 
I don't waste money on boots, shoes, clothes etc that I don't need. 
I put my husband and kids first and if the budget needs tightening I go without NOT John or the kids.
I don't buy make up, ear rings etc because I can think of better things to spend my husbands money on (him and the kids or a bill). 
I say it how it is because I have common sense and stupid people and stupid things annoy me. 
Yeah I probably shouldn't say half of what I do, but I'm honest and not out to make people happy. 
If I think to ask for advice online, I think "I probably should just do that" because it's not that fucking hard to think for yourself, people older than you have been doing it for years. 
I think really on top of my way if thinking that I've just been around men too long as they are soooo much better than bitchy catty vultures that call themselves women!


  1. Ohhh, so which forum is that? I do know that the only parenting forum I'm on now is cliquey and my posts often get over looked which is probably why I forget days at a time to look at it and hardly post!

  2. Its not really worth it lol. Its no wonder there are only about 5 of them left with the way they treat people......I try NOT to put this sort of stuff up because this is my happy place :)

  3. I really feel us women need each other just like Naomi needed Ruth in the bible. I really do not think God will be very happy with women not getting along. We have so much to offer each other and as Christians we need to be more forgiving because we have been forgiven much.