Friday, March 22, 2013

Well its Friday....

I have had an absolute shit of a week. 
This probably qualifies for Sarah's FFS Friday

On Monday, the DPU nurse rings to check that I am still going to my MINOR operation and I find out the time got changed for a third time and didnt tell me 

On Tuesday, DH and I rock up to DPU and have to wait 30mins in reception before getting into DPU to wait for a nurse.

The nurse wanted a pregnancy test done prior to the operation

As usual, it was negative. DH and I thought it was pretty funny.

For a simple 30min procedure, they wouldnt discharge me until I was up walking, eating and had gone tinkle and had my pain under control.

It was almost better than period pain so I got to go home after a few lies to the nurse.

I should have laid up on the couch, but instead I have been doing dishes etc and am completely exhausted.

I had to call mum to come and help me as I am really not dong that good.

I must have looked bad because my lovely checkout lady opened a checkout and waved me through it so I could go home after picking up some things for dinner.

I now have a post op infection and am on ABs and really should be resting.

Instead, I have dinner to do and will have to eventually buy food and a Tee Ball game in the morning.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. OMG that is a crap week!! You definitely need some rest! Hope you're feeling better soon :)