Friday, March 1, 2013

#12wbt week 3 round up

Well I have just realised that I haven't blogged......FFS

I wanted to try and link up to Sarah's FFS at Dear Baby G but couldn't figure out how to paste the button FFS

And then realised I hadn't done a #12wbt update FFS

So here I am No FFS

I have had a good week for #12wbt

I wanted to tell you about what happened this week, but it wouldn't make sense and take too long FFS

Ok, I will tell you lol

A part of the hall carpet was slowly getting wet FFS
John went to investigate at 11pm a few days later after we noticed it FFS
He found that the mains pipe had cracked right under the hallway floor FFS
He took a plastic container ontop of the pipe to divert water

I then called a plumber the next day
He then left to get parts and install them
I am still waiting for the bill to come FFS

The toilet cistern is now making funny noises and wont stop dribbling water FFS
John is getting shitty with the noise the toilet is making FFS

Dog has an allergy FFS
She is shaking her head all the time FFS
It is annoying John (and I woke to it one morning) FFS
Went to vet to ask for ear drops to be told the are prescription FFS
Would I like a consult? ummm NO thanks FFS

Went to pick up the kids from After School Care
Got handed an invoice that we weren't expecting, adding stress FFS
Found out it wasn't the right bill and that they want to charge what they printed FFS
Organised a meeting
Meeting got cancelled FFS

Picked up Andrew from school on Wed No FFS
Noticed he was itching when I took him to school that morning FFS
Decided that I would check his hair
Found some freeloaders FFS
Luckily they were babies and clear
They all came out in the wash

So now we are left wondering what is next

I went to pre admission today at the hospital for my surgery
I was 10mins early
She was 25mins late FFS
Then she called me on why I looked shitty and tried to make me feel bad for being shitty FFS
Then she weighed me and told me I was overweight FFS
That was the last thing she did, so I got to leave No FFS

Now I am sitting at home waiting for John to get home from work FFS
He is working late so he can take tomorrow off for Declans Tee Ball game No FFS (in fact thats an AWWWW)
I wonder when he will be home so I dont have to go to bed alone FFS?

I will love you and leave you now.....but I did lose 1kg in this weeks 12wbt!


  1. Yikes. Glad you caught those freeloaders early!

  2. Yuck you made my head itchy!! What a week for you!!

  3. Argh, what a horrible stressful day!