Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 7 wrap up

As I finish Week 7 and go into Week 8, I have things to ponder.

I am regretting not taking a before shot, doing the exercises and posting regular updates for the world to see like other people have.

I did choose NOT to do pictures as I don't take a good pic and self pics are terrible things if you can't get them right.

I also didn't do the pre start exercises as I signed up bang on Saturday and had to push all those pre season things into TWO days.

Now I sit here in week 7 and although I feel GREAT and look just as good, I can't help but feel like I have let myself down by not embracing the whole "weight loss" thing.

Its not the be all etc as I have hardly ANY pictures of myself in the photo collection (which I am trying to change so my kids know I was there), but I really should have documented this journey better.
I also have the dreaded "fat girl" syndrome where I feel great, but still see that big girl in the mirror and then I don't want to share my pictures with anyone lol.
I am also disappointed that I came into the #12wbt ready to go and now I am cooped up at home recovering from my surgery and I just want to go to the gym or go for a run or SOMETHING!

But enough with that......

It is EASTER!!!
  • John is outside making himself a planter box to do a raised garden in.
  • He put in some ceiling insulation so the kids are getting quite toasty rooms now
  • I am STILL waiting for the rain to come (with everyone else)
  • I am thankful that Jesus died for our sins and rose again
  • I won $72 on my lotto ticket last weekend!
  • I won 12 Hot Cross buns from an awesome cafe today on Facebook!
  • My kids are healthy and so am I 
  • Ooh and my brother is coming over on Monday!
Go and enjoy this time with your family and watch some really bad telly!

Much Love

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