Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mama trying to get back in the groove!: I felt the need to blog buuuut,

Mama trying to get back in the groove!: I felt the need to blog buuuut,: It is definately NOT something you should be all excited about. By now, I probably have no readers left haha but that is ok. This wasn&#39...

I felt the need to blog buuuut,

It is definately NOT something you should be all excited about.

By now, I probably have no readers left haha but that is ok. This wasn't really started as something to be a huge thing like other blogs. It was just a way for me to document things to help me with my Anxiety and other things that got in the way of making me happy.

I am hoping that one day, I will be back to regularly blog, but for now I am enjoying things too much and posting on Instagram which is probably your best way to catch up with the crazy antics we are all doing.

Update (for those who care or read this)

- Andrew turned TEN...yes, ten! And with that came the realisation that I am approaching THIRTY! (That really did NOT go down well with me)

- Declan turned SEVEN....and that means he is 3years from TEN!

- Both boys (yes BOTH) got a custom made cake that you can view on my Instagram <<

- We went to the beach for a few hours for Andrews birthday and went rock pooling. It was SOOOO fun!

- Declan wanted to go to the movies, but lets face it, he doesn't sit and watch movies so we just bummed around at home and put on a DVD for him so he could get up and do whatever he wanted and be happy.

- We had another death in the family....and it sucked royally

-John seems to be enjoying his job and going places. We went to Rotorua and I did things I never thought I would ever do and it was awesome! Instead of sitting in the hotel room, I went mountain biking in the forest.

I may not be here all the time....but you can catch up with our antics on Instagram. I am finally getting where I wanted to be and that is all that matters.
I try to do photo challenges, blog challenges, and other things that keep me on track and give me something to focus on, but life gets in the way (like it is meant to).

Right now, my boys are caught up in the Loom Craze and Declan is trying to make an Owl and needs some help.

Much Love

Sunday, July 28, 2013

It is nearly AUGUST!

Can you believe I haven't posted for that long?
Can you believe the year is nearly over?

Can you believe that I am going to leave you with those thoughts while I cook dinner and stoke up the fire?

Friday, June 7, 2013

If it's not one thing, it is another

I don't usually do a FFS Friday like Baby G does, but today calls for the release of frustration.

I rang up my cellphone provider last September to talk to them about my cell plan.

They were getting rid of my plan and wanted me to change to a data plan.

I have a simple Nokia phone that texts and calls so don't need the data plan on it.

They gave me a free smartphone on a contract. I was ok with that.

I rang them up 3 days later to return the phone and get released from the contract.


I talked to someone yesterday who then investigated and released me from the contract NINE MONTHS LATER.

They then emailed me to say Looking at your usage I think the Open Smartphone $29 plan would be a good choice for you to change to. This would also save you $20.00 each month just for your mobile rentals!

I emailed them back to say "great, but what about the past nine months of a contract for a phone I didn't have?" to be told,  Secondly, there are no monthly charges incurred for a mobile contract as such. Even if you are not on a contract, you still pay a monthly mobile rental for using the phone- so we aren't able to provide any credits that you've asked for.

So really WTF is a monthly contract paying for?

I am not a happy camper...I have no refund, no phone and am getting charged for something I don't have or am using.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wet Wednesday

Today I am.....

  • Playing on the laptop
  • Watching re runs of old Shortland Street I recorded on the My Sky
  • Lighting the fire
  • Washing the dishes
  • Stripping and making the beds
  • Waiting for mum to bring her vacuum up
  • Picking the kids up from school

What about you?

Friday, May 24, 2013

2 birthdays in 10 days

John and I had awesome timing with our boys.
They are 3 years 10 days apart!

In our house for the past 5 (almost 6) years, Andrew has had the cake, party (joint mind you) and present.

This year, Andrew got his OWN party and now Declans birthday has snuck up on me once again.

I have realised that next Monday is in 3 sleeps and I have NOTHING planned for Declan again.
I have a family dinner for 1 June where my brother and his family will be here to do the present thing for the boys and that is it.

Poor Declan

On top of all that, we have just gotten a diagnosis for Mr Dec of ADHD and we are day 3 into medication for him and he is not taking that very well.

The first day he took his top up pill, he thunder chucked outside his classroom.
The second day, he was too scared to take his morning pill in the fear that he would be sick again.
This is the third day and so far, he seems ok.

I hate that I have to medicate him and hate how he is feeling in that little body of his.
Not only does he feel sick and is scared of taking his pill in the fear of hurling it back up, his brain is still going 100km and his body wont let him do what his brain says to.

So on top of the birthday guilts, I feel awful for doing this to him.
I know that with his diagnosis he NEEDS the medication, but as a parent I don't want to do it.

I better go before I start babbling and then I will probably cry all over the lap top.

I hope you all had a fab week and have a great weekend.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Round Two! 12wbt

Today marks the first day of the first week of ROUND TWO!

I started today with 84.9kg on the scales, 3cm off my waist and in a size 16 pair of skinny jeans (that may be a size too big!)
I did my C25K program and got my DVD in the post from my friend in Australia!

I am all set (apart from my Polar) and ready to go this round. I know what to expect, what to eat and what to do. I know how I will feel, what to do if I don't feel too great and not too push myself to hard.

I am tired and need a shower and want John to come home from I might just pop in the shower and read my book and pray that John is home before 2am lol


Thursday, May 2, 2013

#blogeverydayinmay and #FMSphotoaday

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

I am really good at 


Not just "sit on the couch and waste the day away", but actual "leave it to the last possible minute and then do it"

I am not a morning person by any when my alarm goes off at 7am (which is PLENTY of time for anything), I hit the snooze button until roughly 7.45am and then rush rush rush. I don't have to rush myself though as I have enough time to do what I need to do without any extras thrown in or a temper tantrum from one of the kids.
So while the kids are dressed and eating breakfast....I am making their lunch, my coffee, prompting them to pack their bags etc and getting myself dressed ready to get out the door by 8.25 to get them to school by 8.30am.

Never (and I mean NEVER) have I actually managed to get them school any earlier as Declan is just a royal PITA to get out the door and always has been.

Poor Andrew!

That doesn't sound too much of procrastinating, but really that is how my day starts and usually ends in me doing the dishes while cooking dinner and setting the table for dinner.

I think I am the type of person who loves the rush rush rush of getting something done.

Never a dull day here in the land of me....

Do not ever drop in for a cuppa, give me a 5min pre text and the house will shine before you get here.

I am also doing Photo A Day May through Fat Mum Slim
Today is Day 2!