Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zumba Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Im on Johns laptop and it has a shifty "enter" key so bear with me if there are typos :)

I woke up a wee bit late today (I dont think Im sleeping very well as I wake up really tired and have a dry mouth etc but I wont bore you), got the boys up and fed etc and pushed them out the door just in time to get Andrew to school. I thought after I dropped Declan at daycare, that it might be a good idea to wake myself up with the weekly beginners Zumba class at the gym. BOY was I wrong!

I was VERY uncoordinated today and couldn't manage to sort my feet into what they were MEANT to be doing because my arms and brain were telling me something very different to what the instructor was doing lol.

I must of done a pretty good job today despite wanting to crawl into bed and sleep because I worked up a mega sweat and felt a wee bit better! :)

As Im writing this post, we are waiting for John to get home from a late night at work. I have Declan next to me on the couch playing on my iPod (all I can here is "touch the A") and Andrew is taking over my massive telly with some gaming site he got off my friends 16yo son (yeah thanks heaps). I think its a pretty good site.... its and it has heaps of games on it that Andrew plays. The kids seem to be doing really well with the influx of gaming in the past week. They still go outside and play with cars and dig in the dirt etc, but with the gaming I let them do now (which BTW I was so totally against doing), they play really well together when they are playing with toys etc.

I dont know if I posted this before, but I made BLUEBERRY muffins the other week! Blueberries were 2 for $6 at Countdown so I grabbed some and made muffins lol. They were very good and I only made 6 as I put the mix in my Texas pan, but I have some more in the fridge so will have to make more and share the recipe and a photo (or 100).

Im about to start going off on a tangent as Im pretty knackered so will leave you with the thought of my muffins

Much Love

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