Friday, February 24, 2012

I am a Slacker Mom...........

Trawling my FaceBook status updates just now while eating a very late breakfast, I stumbled (ok it was RIGHT there!) on The Scary Mommy FaceBook and her update was fantastic. It was just a synopsis of a blog post a slacker mommy and proud and Im glad that she posts what most of us are thinking or what we are doing but never say because of other moms/mums.

Im a slacker mum here too.

I dont do playdates either.
If your kid wants to play with my kid, then come to my house and they can run loose in the yard and do what kids do. Pack an extra change of clothes, because if they get dirty (which they will), then I can change your precious before you pick him up. Oh and I dont do the whole feed them a platter crap. I do the "feed them when they are hungry" and its most likely a packet of chips and a piece of fruit.

I dont do parties either
I spent years on worrying about trying to keep up with everyone else that I spent way too much money, sent out the invites and waited for the RSVPs to come (which they didn't).
On the day, I made TWO freaking cakes, cleaned my house, laid out the food and drinks, decorated the house and only TWO other kids turned up! This happened every year. So this year, we are forgoing the party and going somewhere totally different for a low key, cheap play with family. I will just make TWO cakes like always and send them to daycare and after school care for the kids. Ya know what, I probably will forget the cakes or just get cbf syndrome and wont make the damn things lol

Other slacker mum things I do:
I dont do the parent help at school
I dont always bake for my kids cos really I cbf or I just plain dont want to
I dont keep up with other parents and other kids when it comes to toys etc because my parents didnt and even though I want my kids to be the "best", John tells me I wont teach them anything by giving them stuff all the time.
I dont keep a prestine house. If you wanna come in and sit down, chuck mt washmore in a basket (which is next to the couch) and sit down.

I also dont agree with a lot of things other mothers do.
Parenting used to be so easy. You got pregnant, gave birth and raised the kid best you could with what you had and you made do.
Now parenting is a constant competition. In fact, everything is a competition.
Its goes a little something like this:

First to get pregnant
First to get a scan (which is NOT fucking needed unless your high risk etc otherwise your wasting time and money and resources so you can brag to other mummies)
First to feel a kick etc
First to go into labour (in all of this, your constantly posting dumb questions on the internet to other mums that you should be asking your Midwife/Obgyn/dr etc)
First to crawl/walk/climb/talk etc
Then there is the accessories.

You HAVE to have:
Latest pram and have enough money to upgrade said pram to next best pram
Latest reversable/forward facing carseat (that goes into a booster) and have enough money for next best seat on market.
High chair
single bed
breast pump (because breast is best and formula wont cut it)
latest cell phone with camera
24/7 access to internet so you can stay in touch with other mums just like you (or the ones your trying to keep up with)

Then the list gets longer as the kid gets older

This all used to get me down when I found the internet. Back in ancient times (I mean 2003/2004) we had whatever was cheap and the best at the time. So we had a pram, cot, carseat, clothes etc and that was it. You almost need a second house for all the other crap people buy. Polly on ZM said the other day that the average first time parent buys over $2800 worth of STUFF before the mother gives birth. I would hate to see the size of their credit card bill (and how many credit cards do they have?)

Anyway, this is all food for thought today care of Scary Mommy. Dont forget to check her FB and her webpage. She is the Real mother (like me lol) and shows what parenting used to be like and how its changed etc. She is NOT afraid of the clucking internet bitches that put people down.

Much love


  1. From one slacker mum to another - great post!

  2. Well said! Nice to hear that other people feel like this too.