Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well I have HEAPS to update and not enough time hehe

Its been a testing 2wks with holidays. The kids go back to OSCAR and Daycare next week and neither of us can wait!
John is already back at work, only being able to take the stat days off.

Have my brother, his wife and their two boys coming for a late lunch/early dinner tonight so I SHOULD be cleaning up. Meh plenty of time :D
Tonights menu is

vikkis signature pasta dish :D with homemade garlic bread and tomato, red onion, cucumber salad

After a testing week by the kids and me, they seem to be doing really well today. They just found a snail and have called him FRED. Hes in the grass being guarded by the boys so he doesnt run away.

guarding the snail

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