Monday, January 16, 2012

Ode to my wonderful husband!

This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband!

I do not take enough time out in my day to truly tell John how much I love and appreciate him.
He does an awesome thing everyday by getting up super early and going to work until way past dinner time on most days. Most days he works in the workshop in town (which is great cos we have lunch together) and other times he travels for HOURS to get where he needs to be to fix things that are broken to keep people working (logging, forestry, earth moving people etc) and he just does it because he loves it and because he HAS to.

He took us (me and the two boys) out to where he spent most of last week working because he left a spanner out there and needed to finish a job and purely because it beat sitting inside all day eating each other. It was a FOUR hour return trip to site for a good 20min job and he did it without complaining about it. Was a good way to waste a day!

Here are some pics of what he works on:
This is soooo much bigger than the pic lets on lol

Thats Johns little wee work truck on the left lol

The boys sitting and watching Daddy working
Declan is the brown haired and Andrew is the blonde!

Some of the logs that need cutting for the stack 

Oh and I have more pics, but will wait til tomorrow so I don't over load you with my boys hehehe


  1. Such a sweet post :)

  2. Replies
    1. Some of it is so big that when I look up at it, I get vertigo hahaha