Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Way back when (November 2011 roughly), there was a grocery item that I needed and there were only teeny little jars of it so I thought that I would wait til the bigger jars came back. 
A few weeks later, I noticed the big jars were still out of commission so went to another store to see if they had them and they didnt.

Fast forward to now and everybody who is anybody is freaking out at the shortage of freaking MARMITE.
What I didnt know what that Marmite is made in Christchurch and the factory had to shut down last November due to Earthquake damage. If we all are patient, the factory will have stock back on the shelves in July 2012.

This is what is on the internet:

Google Marmite Shortage (google)

You have to sign in to see this if you have an account (the message boards)

Craziness in NZ (the auctions on Trade Me)

It has also gone global. I got hit with numerous articles on FaceBook this morning and just had to laugh. 

Small things amuse small minds and make the world go round with laughter.

Much Love


  1. I did the same thing! Two weeks ago I caved and bought a small jar, I'm glad I did. Hehe, it's such a silly thing that's got everyone up in arms, but it's the only thing I have on my toast - although a jar can easily last a year, so it really no emergency. I wonder if we can get Marmageddon in to the Oxford Dictionary?

  2. Doesn't bother me. I don't eat the stuff lol.