Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today is.....

a day for nothing!

Its been a busy few days since my last post........

Last Wednesday I went back to church and there was some ministering and coffee etc.
Thursday....just thursday stuff.
Friday....John came home sick from work, Declan had a dental nurse visit and a hair cut.
Saturday...Nothing much.
Sunday....about the same as Saturday (except I made a fantastic Lamb Casserole)
Monday (yesterday).....Andrew had a TOD and Declan had kindy and John went back to work.

So that was last week lol.


Yes my baby had a tooth come out and a filling and had a visit from the tooth fairy. I was partially excited and sad at the same time. It was a "first" that I wasnt ready for. As far as we know, he is our last child and I dont want him to grow up at all.

And just for good measure........

I better stoke the fire and get ready to pick up Andrew from after school care.

Much love

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