Tuesday, October 9, 2012

People are like Vultures

Not really the title I wanted for this post, but I have learnt that out of the 66 (make that 67) posts I have done only 2 or 3 have had really high views and are still getting read (and talked about).

So it goes to show that people are vultures. They pick on people until there is nothing left and then they just keep on picking.

My "men truly are better than women" post has a WHOPPING 301 views (and I know they are still coming).
My "there is no such thing as "respect"" post has 60 views so far since I posted it and like the post above, it will keep climbing.

My spring cleaning posts didnt do very well (I think the people viewing my blog love my drama that THEY cause btw).

My other posts about the organising challenge have over 100 views, but thankfully those viewers have been reading and commenting and helping me (which is what this blog is designed for).

It just makes me sad that the higher viewed pages are the ones that aren't actually worth reading, but those people will keep reading it to see if I changed the post or if I deleted the post or if I have written another post like it.

Anyway, today isn't very good.
I think Johns nana is getting worse. She is slowly forgetting stuff and she wasnt at New World wating for me to pick her up and take her home this morning even though it is Pension Day and that means getting the bus to town and doing her grocery shopping and then me picking her up and taking her home.

I rang her and she said that I didnt call her (I dont call her on Pension Day, its an unwritten routine) and that she thought she had done something wrong to upset me.
After I went to pick her up and take her shopping, I dropped her off home and she said "oh when you pick me up for my dr appt..." Well she didnt tell me about the dr appt...it makes me think I need to broach this with the dr today.

Im very worried that the woman who is driving us all insane is slowly falling away and no one seems to give a rats arse about her except ONE of kids (she has four) and us (being John and I and our kids).

What am I to do?

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