Saturday, February 9, 2013

12WBT - Signing in #12wbt

I think I am crazy!

Really I do.......

Through following one blog, I found another and I liked what I saw......her name is Sarah from Dear Baby G
She did this amazing thing of starting Michelle Bridges 12 Body Transformation and sharing it with EVERYONE and I got hooked. I had seen it around and I wanted to see someone do it and I was very impressed!
I signed up yesterday for Round One 2013!

My goals for this are

  • Lose at least 5-10kg
  • Be fitter
  • Get off the couch and JFDI
  • Eat better
  • Hope it all rubs off on John 
So, I have done most of Pre Season.
I have my shopping list
I have my gear all ready....(dont tell anyone, but Im still deciding on whether I need the Polar or not)
I need to do shopping for Monday and Tuesday

I need to JFDI

Thanks to Sarah at Baby G, I am on my way to feeling better.

I am going to report in here.....I hope you all keep up on how it is doing and I hope to share pictures etc too.
I need support! Lots of support!

I can't walk away from this like I did with Weight Watchers when they told me I wasnt trying hard enough.
I can't walk away from this like I avoid MFP because I CBF with the hassle of loading in my calories (even though I eat the same thing pretty much every day).

I CANT walk away! I have to to this. Even on the third day when I dont want to anymore because it is too hard. So jump on here and follow me and keep me going, because when I dont want to keep going and John is busy at work, I will need someone!

Much Love

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  1. Great stuff, joining up is the first step, now you just keep putting one foot in front of the other until it becomes second nature. You can do it.