Monday, February 18, 2013

I got a JOB! and #12wbt wk2

I got a chance to work at the local A&P show on the amusement side thanks to my best friend!

I was the hot dog girl in this trailer in the pic!
Ok, I was the till girl in a very unsexy red polo shirt, a hat and an awesome apron haha

It was an awesome experience and now I wanna run away with the circus.
Its not a circus per sae, it is the rides and the side games and the hot dogs lol...but yes I got a taste of working life and I want it again!
It was fun!

The people I worked with (and for) are awesome people (with the exception of a few).
People walked right past me and didn't notice I was there, so I got to see things that I wouldn't normally see.
I got to see what happens on the other side of the glass and how it all looks.

I would definately do it again, and I must of done a good job because I already have been asked to do it again!

I got to WORK! And I want to do it again!

Now onto the important thing you all want to know.....
NO I did not get the muchies for the hotdogs and deep fried food lol. 
I am still on track with my 12wbt, and I feel great. Ok, I lie.....
I feel like utter shit!
I am tired and thirsty and have detox headaches! This is NOT what I signed up for, but apparently it should pass soon.

I better be off....


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