Wednesday, February 20, 2013

12WBT Week Two!

So it is officially 1.5wks since I started this.

Today was weigh in day (like every Wednesday).
I have a total of 2.9kg loss so far to date.

I am still finding it hard! I still have the headaches, tiredness, mood swings etc that no one told me about.
I cry or I yell. I curl up on the couch with John at night and fall asleep on his lap. I wake up and feel like I want to puke.
I have no energy.

I know, this is NOT what you want to hear if you are following my journey, but I am truthful. I can't go RAH RAH RAH THIS IS GREAT if I don't feel that way. I am tired and thirsty and can't concentrate and I'm hungry!
John says it will all pass, but I need to keep going. I intend to keep going, but this is NOT what I wanted to have and I hate feeling this way only 1.5wks into the challenge.

I pop my back out during workouts (which is painful since I have a back injury lol)
I hurt and I ache and I don't have the get up and go to jump through a workout or go from lunges to burpees.
In fact, Im pretty sure my pelvic floor muscles are WEAKER now than when I started lol. What with all the jumping and lunging and squating and burpees etc lol I am not surprised.

The upside?

My tummy is shrinking! Yes, it is actually disappearing on me.
My jeans are falling down! But I am still a wee bit big for the next size down.
My water intake is triple what it usually was! And I pee less
My grocery budget is cheaper! Because John and the kids are eating the same as me for dinner (John is doing lunch and dinner).
I feel great after a workout! And I get to do the laundry etc (after sitting on my kaboosh most of the day holding my eyes open)

So while I feel like utter crap and I am emotional and crabby, there are some upsides.

This really is HARD. No one told me how hard it was going to be, so I am telling you.
Its a huge emotional road. What you see on The Biggest Loser show, is pretty much how it is when you cut your food down and exercise every day!
I chose the weight loss plan and I get a 1200 calorie allowance each day and I have 45mins of exercise PLUS the things we do each day that we don't think about.

I need to get lunch and then I have an appt to get my butt to today....

Much Love

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  1. I don't know, I'm pretty sure you're not getting enough fuel at 1200 calories with no replacement for the exercising.