Saturday, April 6, 2013

Short week does NOT equal no dramas!

It has been a short week this week with Easter and the kids home.
It certainly has not been short on dramas this week.

John had a driver licence medical on Tuesday and because he hasn't seen a GP since 2010, the Dr decided to do a full medical.
This resulted in finding out he has been glucose intolerant since 2010.
It also resulted in a huge argument about his health when we got home.

The kids picked up on the stress and got into EVERYTHING they could and I ended up taking the lego off them, the sky kids channels and throwing toys in the skip bin.
I went out and got the toys out the bin after the boys went to sleep.
BUT not before Declan had a melt down because he didn't want a shower.
So he got dumped in the shower fully clothed.

I have had constant pain where I had my surgery, so I have not been a happy camper.

I had the GP yesterday (Friday) for Declan. I need a referral to paediatrician. 
The Dr was late as usual and a friend I thought I could count on did NOT want to help me out so I had to go and pick up Declan from school and I caught him walking out the gate. Said friend plastered a smile on her face and I just looked at her and took Declan and walked to the car. I said "thanks" and left. I probably shouldn't have said thanks since it was like pulling teeth.

So, I spent 2hours in the Dr for the Dr to then try and fob me off.
I am not a happy camper from this week and I am starting to see things that I wouldn't normally see.
Like the school mums not wanting to talk to me because I am the mother of the "naughty" kid and they wont let their kids play with Declan outside of school because of this. Not to mention most of the parents in his class have found a problem with me at one stage or another or listened to gossip about me. I don't actually care, but I cry for Declan. I cry because he doesn't understand that no one wants to play with him and that he wont be invited to birthday parties. That then makes me cry because no one will come to his birthday party and I don't know how to tell him this.

I am the mother of the "naughty" kid at school and when he was at kindy, he was just a boy playing in the sandpit and he was just a boy playing with is friends.
Now he is at school, he is not just a boy anymore. He is the kid no one wants to play with and I am the mother no one wants to talk to at the school gate.

I am feeling very alone. I am also sitting here wondering if a compliment I recieved today is something I should feel bad about or something I should accept and be happy for.

Hmmm my Saturday Musings.


  1. Very vivid in your storytelling. Great job getting through the post Easter week. Agree post holidays/shorter weeks can sometimes be stressful even when you don't have kids.

  2. UGH! Hope this week is a better one for you!

  3. Hope you have a better week. Always take any compliment. You're a mom. You're trying and doing your best. That's all anyone can do. You know, my kids didn't go to many birthday parties, probably because we didn't have parties. It wasn't that we didn't believe in them, it was more the timing of the birthdays. But, I think it worked to our advantage.