Saturday, June 14, 2014

I felt the need to blog buuuut,

It is definately NOT something you should be all excited about.

By now, I probably have no readers left haha but that is ok. This wasn't really started as something to be a huge thing like other blogs. It was just a way for me to document things to help me with my Anxiety and other things that got in the way of making me happy.

I am hoping that one day, I will be back to regularly blog, but for now I am enjoying things too much and posting on Instagram which is probably your best way to catch up with the crazy antics we are all doing.

Update (for those who care or read this)

- Andrew turned TEN...yes, ten! And with that came the realisation that I am approaching THIRTY! (That really did NOT go down well with me)

- Declan turned SEVEN....and that means he is 3years from TEN!

- Both boys (yes BOTH) got a custom made cake that you can view on my Instagram <<

- We went to the beach for a few hours for Andrews birthday and went rock pooling. It was SOOOO fun!

- Declan wanted to go to the movies, but lets face it, he doesn't sit and watch movies so we just bummed around at home and put on a DVD for him so he could get up and do whatever he wanted and be happy.

- We had another death in the family....and it sucked royally

-John seems to be enjoying his job and going places. We went to Rotorua and I did things I never thought I would ever do and it was awesome! Instead of sitting in the hotel room, I went mountain biking in the forest.

I may not be here all the time....but you can catch up with our antics on Instagram. I am finally getting where I wanted to be and that is all that matters.
I try to do photo challenges, blog challenges, and other things that keep me on track and give me something to focus on, but life gets in the way (like it is meant to).

Right now, my boys are caught up in the Loom Craze and Declan is trying to make an Owl and needs some help.

Much Love

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