Thursday, March 29, 2012

This has no title......................

Watching a documentary the other day on Tokyo on National Geographic channel, I couldn't help but think about how precious and PC so many people are and about how selfish we have all become.

As I had a nosey on a message board I post in on Sunday morning, I couldn't help but laugh and fight the urge to reach into my iPod and smack some sense into the mothers on there.
These are mostly bored SAHM with nothing to do but cause a stir over NOTHING and spend money they don't have on stuff they dont need so they can be like everyone else doing the same thing. 
There is a movie about that and in the end, a guy commits suicide and leaves his wife with the debt she put him in that SHE did by spending money they didnt have on stuff they didnt need and she had to find a way to pay all that debt back while grieving for her husband.

Anyway, on this doco, people were parading down a main road carrying a HUGE fluro pink penis! They were all yelling "pink co(k" and had their kids with them. They had penis ice blocks and lolly pops etc and letting their kids eat them. They celebrate penises in Japan. Its the fertility etc and the kids all go to the parades with their parents and its ok.
They do log surfing in Japan. Thats where you get a massive log and people stand on it and it slides down a hill. They have heaps of safety people around etc, but it looks pretty fun! They also have a kids amusement park in as young as 3yo go to this place and learn about the value of money and how to earn it. There are no fancy rides, the kids go and learn how to make burgers for McDs and how a vet works and anything else they want to do. They dress up in a uniform or overalls etc and WORK at this amusement park to learn about trades and to help decide what they want to do when they get older.

In New Zealand, this would all be shunted because its un PC and slave labour etc.

Here in NZ, people are worried about turning mundane stupid stuff into something more important.
The Marmite thing is a classic example, there are a group of people who collectively paid over $4000 for Marmite on our website Trade Me. It was a fundraiser, but still its only Marmite people!

We have just been given the old Give Way rules back to get us on the same page as the rest of the world and people are freaking out.

That is what is annoying me at the moment. No wonder people are leaving New Zealand. Its too PC and there are too many rules here.

On an upside, I got Declan into a really good school yesterday and he starts in May and is excited. Im kinda sad that my baby is going to school. Oh and I had a good friend stop in for coffee today. I love seeing all my friends and they mean so much to me.

Have a great day everyone.
Much Love


  1. Totally agree with this post! The Marmite thing made me laugh, I would understand people freaking out about no coffee, but Marmite! silly! I have 2 Japanese cousins living in Japan and I love how they are being brought up and what they are exposed to. Funny women who want it all. My mum use to have a friend that made such a big deal when they put in a pool that was bigger than ours, it was so stupid and then her daughter started going on about it at school. Lucky to even have a pool. Grr people! That's awesome you got your boy into a good school. We live in Mount Eden and most of the schools are really good in this zone. May is so close! Pete goes to school in November, the toddler years go too quickly. xo

  2. I'm starting to second guess the school thing lol. Doesn't help when Declan will be starting at 8.45am *still asleep*