Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunny Monday!

So I need to seriously update my blog. 
So much has gone on in the past.......MONTH? oops

I need to put up pics, do updates and catch up with the blogs I follow......oh and in all that, I need to clean up and get Declan ready for school (ok get ME ready for school).

Here are some pics. 
What we did on Easter Monday :) We talked Grump into taking us to the beach and while we were there, we found a nice little patch of water to play in.

 Grumps and the boys
                               The dog
 Couldn't figure out why there was
water in the hole
                  Grumps playing with the sand
 Said he was making Liquifaction lol
Mondays parting shot!

Happy Monday and much love

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