Friday, June 7, 2013

If it's not one thing, it is another

I don't usually do a FFS Friday like Baby G does, but today calls for the release of frustration.

I rang up my cellphone provider last September to talk to them about my cell plan.

They were getting rid of my plan and wanted me to change to a data plan.

I have a simple Nokia phone that texts and calls so don't need the data plan on it.

They gave me a free smartphone on a contract. I was ok with that.

I rang them up 3 days later to return the phone and get released from the contract.


I talked to someone yesterday who then investigated and released me from the contract NINE MONTHS LATER.

They then emailed me to say Looking at your usage I think the Open Smartphone $29 plan would be a good choice for you to change to. This would also save you $20.00 each month just for your mobile rentals!

I emailed them back to say "great, but what about the past nine months of a contract for a phone I didn't have?" to be told,  Secondly, there are no monthly charges incurred for a mobile contract as such. Even if you are not on a contract, you still pay a monthly mobile rental for using the phone- so we aren't able to provide any credits that you've asked for.

So really WTF is a monthly contract paying for?

I am not a happy camper...I have no refund, no phone and am getting charged for something I don't have or am using.


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