Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best Day of My Life/Worst Injury

Best Day of My Life
I have a lot of days that I would call the best day of my life.

The day I gave birth to Andrew was a good day....although when I reflect on it, it was one of the WORST days of my life followed by more days that I would love to erase (but I want to keep the baby that I had lol).
The day I gave birth to Declan was a good day...better than Andrews birth and the days after were better too...although now, that perfect baby is a hyperactive 5yo lol.
I bought a house
I got married (and even though I can look back on that day and wish for something better, I am happy that I got married....and the GROOM was late!)
Those are a few days that I would consider the best in my life. Its really hard to sit and write about them and narrow it down to just ONE day. They are all good in ways, but shadowed by regret in others (that makes me sound like an ungrateful horrible person).
Ok Im moving on now hehe

Worst Injury
I dont actually have a worst injury (unless giving birth counts). I have never broken anything, fractured anything, been admitted to hospital for treatment (except for when I got my tonsils out and had the kids). Im a healthy person with no injuries (fingers crossed it continues).

Right O thats the summer challenge done! Time for an update on us :)

Today is a CRAPPY day! We woke up to rain, wind and a cold day. I have been ringing around for firewood because we are running out (John said, not to worry about getting wood because he would get it....I should have known better and we have also been screwed around by people I thought were friends who said they would help us out in summer). Lesson learned? Dont ask for help because in most cases you dont get it and then when people ask you for help and you say no, they seem to think its ok to bitch about you not helping them.....yeah life sucks arse. Im am SO not elaborating on this lol
I have the kids at school. John is at work and Im just wasting time at home before I go have a coffee with Johns nana in town (which I dont actually want to do, because its warmer in my house for a change).
I have bills coming out my ears and stress up to my eyeballs. Im one of those people where a fallen tic tac is enough to make me spazz out and stress and worry and I have no idea how to get around that. It creates a monster.

Enough of me spazzing out....time to go and do a clean up and go meet Nana for a cuppa in town.

Have a great day.
Much Love


  1. Your post made me smile! Isn't it amazing what happens when those perfect babies grow up? My now 14 year old was an ideal baby for six months while she observed how she could really challenge us!

    I hopped over here from Facebook's Summer Blog Challenge page. I am afraid if you read my post you will puke! LOL If you are brave, Read my Best Day Post here...

    Maybe... maybe not.

    1. Hey Julie! Thanks for stopping by. Im glad I made you smile.....thats my good deed for the day! :) oooh Im coming over