Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Start of a new week.......

Declan got sick last week. The day before he started school.....
He would cry out whenever I cleaned his nose or got him to blow it and then started to not listen and turn things up again.

I took him in for a check up with the nurse this morning before school, and the LEFT grommet has all but fallen out and the RIGHT ear is so full of fluid etc, that it "may or may not" pop. My poor school boy is still having ear issues and I cant do anything to help him.

On a positive note, welcome to new followers and dont forget to check out Nicole

Im laxing in front of the fire today....Declan has an after school group to go to at 4pm which is something my church started last year to get the neighbour hood kids out and about, so will update on that tomorrow. In the mean time, Im off to do some time sucking with some link goodness.

Much love

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