Friday, June 1, 2012


It has certainly been a while!

John got sent to AKL again for 3 nights! The joys of working for a huge company lol and being the safety officer! I am sooo proud of him...and did I mention, he got head hunted? AGAIN

Andrew had another birthday and I couldn't believe (like every year) that he is growing so fast!
He wanted his very own party so invited TWO friends lol and had a quiet day at home in front of the fire, playing lego and watching movies.

Declans school days were fast approaching and before I knew it, his visit was here. I had to scramble to get his shoes, stationary, rest of his uniform, a new bag etc etc etc oh and the birthday present. His last day of Kindy/Daycare came around not long after and it was an emotional day for ME and the teachers.
Im on Johns laptop (again) so will have to put up the pics some other time.
He started SCHOOL this week and has settled in fast and well and his hyper-activity was a HUGE worry to me, but his teacher seems to have sorted this out her way (which is great).
The parents are very snobby lol......but thats something Im going to have to face. Either he went to Andrews school and got bullied etc or he went to a better school and I have no parental friends there lol.

John has been working hours and hours and hours and is very tired and stressful and sometimes I look forward to being asleep when he gets home, but I miss him terribly when hes not here. I miss not having someone to share my night with and going to bed alone. I miss everything when John is at work at night and I worry that hes not looking after himself with all these hours he is doing.

ooooh I have some bloggy linky goodness before I forget

I heart Organizing and everything on her site lol
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I have heaps more, but again Im on Johns laptop so havent book marked them lol

Much Love


  1. Yay for John getting head hunted, that's awesome. ew snobby parents. Pete has some friends that are going to the same school as him and most of the parents are really friendly. I've met so many scary serious parents who don't even smile back. I hope you get to meet some nice ones at Declan's school.

  2. Thanks chick!!!
    Are you ready for Pete to start school?

  3. I am so ready!! Pete is too, hurry up November! :)

  4. Hey, I just stopped by to say "hi" and was so touched to see our little button featured on your site-- thanks for that. Thanks too for sharing your story here. I honestly felt reassured reading just a bit about your struggle to make the right decision for your child's education and the loneliness that can sometimes occur as a result of doing what's right for them. Goodluck to you and your student(s).

    Following ya now from The ALOHA Friday HOP. Happy Week Full of Living!

    1. Hi Nicole! Thanks for stopping by. Its a pleasure to add your button to my blog :)