Monday, September 3, 2012

My SPRING cleaning challenge #toh20daychallenge

Ok so I have NO idea what possessed me to do this!

On one of my parenting FB groups, the daily question was "How do you Declutter your home?'
One of the lovely ladies answered it with this The Organised Housewife so I clicked on the link (which was actually a website) and found her.
I thought it would be a good way to get my ass back into cleaning up and being organised (because believe it or not, I was a neat freak BC).

So a prompt showed up on my FB news feed and I had a look and decided this would be good for me!
Its a 20 day challenge....Last week was a week of printing out printables and buying things that we would need (cleaning products etc), setting goals and making a morning and evening routine.

So yesterday afternoon this turned up in my email inbox day one challenge - kitchen and I printed out the printable and took a before shot.

This was taken on my iPod so forgive the crappy focus. Its also up on instagram
This is generally how my kitchen looks...every day....every night.

This is now what my kitchen looks like after just under 3hours!
I am now sitting down and having a coffee and waiting to see what John wants to do for lunch.

I am VERY proud of myself....but VERY apprehensive about how long it will stay like that and if John and the kids can help keep it this way too.


  1. Glad to hear someone to be a “neat freak” just like me! Hihihi! ^__^ You did a very good job cleaning your kitchen, Vikki. It’s a good strategy, by the way, to keep a list of the cleaning products that you would need prior to the general cleaning. Only, be sure to choose the right type of cleaning solution every time.

    Skylar Cox