Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today is the Master Bedroom! #toh20daychallenge

WHEW! So glad that is done!
Today is the MASTER BEDROOM...that means my room with John.

I don't have a before shot today, but I have stripped the bed, washed the bedding, vacuumed, dusted etc.

I filled up a HUGE rubbish bag with stuff and I found.....a computer Hard drive box and a printer UNDER the bed! They went in the bin. Luckily the rubbish men are coming on Thursday because my wheely bin is FULL.

I am still thinking what the fuck did I get myself into, but my kitchen is still spotless from yesterday and I am feeling quite proud of myself for doing what Im doing.
I USED to have a clean and tidy house way back when. I USED to bake and feel good about myself too. So this is making me feel really good. Its a shame that I don't have as much support from my best friend and my family as I thought I would have, but if the kids and John make a mess I WILL GO NATO! You never know, the kids might like it.
Andrew came home yesterday and said, "wow you did some cleaning"...thing is, he doesn't remember what I did when he was a baby so this is very disheartening that I have let him down by slacking off over the years.

Right! I need food and my E key isn't working so I have to BASH it lol.....catch you all tomorrow!

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