Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

I have been having fun with the 20day challenge. My kitchen is still clean and tidy, my bedroom is too (except for Johns clothes haven't been put away and "I will do it Vik") and the laundry is nothing so that was a breeze. Oh and the lounge was on the list yesterday and I already did that sunday morning while Andrew was watching the new dvd "the avengers".
So all I have to do is maintain whats done (and get a new keyboard for the laptop co my S int working) and be ready for next weeks emails.

I was catching up on some reading and had to laugh at some of what I was reading. A few months back, I got hand bagged for asking for some advice about Declan. Apparently if I wasn't working or studying etc then I SHOULDN"T have my kids in care. That made me FURIOUS at the time as the stupid bitch (yes I am still mad) had no FARKING idea why my kids are in care so had no right to judge me for John and my decision. Turns out the person who ripped me a new one is breeding like wild fire (ok 4 kids but still), isn't working and has a NANNY! Now Im confused, because obviously if I shouldn't have MY kids in care (2 by the way), then why does she have a nanny when she doesn't work? And she has a friend with a handful of kids and SHE has one too....
Is that what I am meant to do? Take my kids out of care, breed like a rabbit, not work and then have a nanny like other "upmarket" mothers and live off my husbands "very good wage"? Hmmm food for thought this weekend.

Surely the views on this post will go through the roof over the weekend once word gets around.......because even though I DON'T put up names etc, everyone seems to 'know' what Im talking about *insert eyeroll here*

I better go pick up Andrew from his full time care and "parent" him like I am meant to. I haven't gotten anything out for dinner, so will have to do the mad dash around Countdown.......

Have a great weekend!
Ooh a shout out to LATTE JUNKIE for visiting.....go check out her blog!
Much Love

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  1. LOL, yes go have more kids and get a nanny :) of course that MAKES sence LOL