Friday, September 30, 2011

Another lovely day here

So I decided that it might be a good day to start on the weeding on the vege patch and get it ready for when John decides (if he decides) to plant anything this year.
We spent all of last summer/spring weeding and prepping the soil for a season and didnt plant anything. John figured that its too exposed and needs shade hey, any excuse.

So this is the left end of the garden (its roughly 4 railway sleepers long by 1 sleeper wide)

The right end of the garden

And the little wee patch I started today lol

The only problem is the railway behing the fence and on top of the hill (that you cant really see in the pic lol)
We have however, put in blood n bone, sheep manure and it looks quite nice once you dig it up. There was a huge FAT worm that came out of hiding, so Im guessing we just need some compost and soil and we are ready to go!

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