Thursday, August 30, 2012

#summer blog catch up...nearly at the end now :-(

A typical day in my shoes is as follows.....

7am my alarm goes off and I push the snooze button until 7.40am
7.40am I get up and get the boys breakfast ready and then get them up
While they are eating their breakfast, I make their lunch and then get them dressed (well I get Declan dressed because he is very easily side tracked).
I then get dressed while the boys are watching telly, then I go outside and have my coffee, my smoke and start the car up.
Come inside and wash my face and brush my teeth and then we are all off.

8.35am or roundabouts, I am dropping Declan off at school. I go in and unpack his bag with him.
8.40am or roundabouts, I take Andrew to school.

Then I go see my friends for a coffee.

11.45am I take John lunch

12.30pm or roundabouts...I go home and watch telly.

4.45pm I go out and pick the boys up from after school care and then go home and cook dinner

I try and have the boys ready for bed and in bed by 7pm so I can spend the nights with John.

Thats pretty much it.

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  1. I miss daytime television! I had a week off work because of my stupid sore neck and I didn't even think to turn it on. I've seen some good Jeremy Kyle clips on youtube :)