Thursday, December 20, 2012

Im exhausted

I'm exhausted!

Plain ol' over everything exhausted lol

I'm sick of everything and its been so long and now I have a grumble post.

I'm sick of people latching on to me, getting what they can and then flucking off when I have nothing left to give or I no longer have a purpose.
I'm sick of everything falling on me and of course I rise to the challenge and get it done.
I'm sick of everything.

I spent money last month on stuff I couldn't afford to try and look nice for a dinner I had to go to that we couldn't afford because John said "oh you will figure it out" and then it turns out we didn't have to go after all and it wasn't even a nice dinner (apart from I didn't have to cook or do dishes OR pay for it lol)

I'm officially SICK of christmas and it's not even here yet.

I'm sick of pretending that it will be fine and everyone will be happy etc but secretly knowing it will be a crap day and people will do nothing but nit pick at me and how I didn't match up to what they wanted from me.

I'm just sick of everything!

I'm also sick of people pretending to be friends and then drop me like a hot potato when they get a new friend.....what am I? A "you will do until something better comes along" friend?

Hopefully christmas will be fine, and everyone will have a good day and I can post some awesome pictures of the boys playing with their new toys.

Much love

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