Thursday, July 26, 2012

#blog challenge Day 41 Fave blogs or websites

This is about sharing blogs or sites I visit.

local sugar hawaii blog She is a fantastic blogger. I stumbled on her blog from Michelles Blog
I stumbled on this site from Michelle too lol Latte Junkie
The host of the blog challenge is another I visit goinggreenwiththegrizls
I heart organizing
I heart organizing projects
I heart organizing Pinterest
Googie momma and everything she posts. She has a Pinterest page too that you HAVE to follow!
Kiwi Mummy Blogs is where bloggers from New Zealand have their blogs posted. Mine is on there somewhere and its where I found Michelle.
Oh and I can't forget to add my friend Trishy because she would never forgive me haha

I think thats about all I can find while I am on Johns laptop.

Have fun and on Michelles blog she has link goodness (where I spend HOURS)

Much Love

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  1. Thanks Vikki. Enjoy your weekend! s