Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#blog challenge Day 36-39

I dont think we had a holiday tradition as kids, but when I met John 10years ago I found out his family had one.

Every Christmas, everyone would go to the family home. There was mum, dad and the three kids and mums nana and anyone else who came. Everyone would bring a plate and pitch in to help with the dishes etc and the food. The presents would go under the tree until Dad would sit in his "Santa" chair and give out the presents.

I thought it was a great tradition and it turns out everyone in Johns extended family did the same thing (which is what I found out when we went to Johns Aunt and Uncles house one year for Christmas).

I am a family girl at heart and I loved how Johns family would get together every year. Even when we took over the house and everyone started doing their own thing, we still had Johns Aunt and Uncles house to go to for Christmas so that Andrew and Declan would know what Christmas and family means.

If I could do anything knowing I couldn't fail, the list would be endless.
Im a pussy! P U S S Y! I am scared of my own shadow at the best of times, and that holds me back from doing things I would love to do.
Things I would do:

  • Ski
  • Travel
  • Fly
  • Scuba dive (Im scared of the ocean)
  • Sky Dive
  • Travel
  • Travel
  • Get my degree (I failed my exams, thats the only thing holding me back)
Oh this is endless!

Call me a scrooge, but I don't really want to share any lyrics. I listen to a lot of music and most of it doesn't have any meaning to me. Its just music I listen to when Im in a particular mood. One song that is always popping into my head though is I know who I am - Israel and New Breed
Here are the lyrics:

I know who I am 
I know who I am 
I know who I am 
I am yours 
I am yours (2x)

And you are mine 
Jesus you are mine 
You are mine 
Jesus you are mine

I was running, and you found me
I was blind, and you gave me sight
You put a song of praise in me
I was broken, and you healed me
I was dying, and you gave me life

Lord, You are my identity

I know, I know…

I am forgiven, I am your friend 
I am accepted, I know who I am
I am secure, I’m confident
That I am loved, I know who I am
I am alive, I am set free
I belong to you and you belong to me


I have HEAPS of pet peeves although putting them all down is harder than it sounds lol

  • I hate cleaning the kitchen and having crumbs on the bench
  • I hate cleaning up and the kids or John making a mess not long after
  • Why do I always seem to have to change the toilet roll when its empty?
  • Same with the coffee jar and the sugar jar
I hate being a mum sometimes...we get lumbered with so much stuff while the kids and hubby get to play the "its not our job" card *sigh*

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