Friday, January 4, 2013

What a busy day!

Today started off really slow! But once we got up and going, it was busy..... yeah okkkk

I found some change in my pocket and took the kids to the pool today. They have been home for nearly two weeks and going stir crazy, so going to the pool was to get them out and using up some energy.
(They are currently curled up on the couch rubbing their eyes watching Adventure Time)

I thought it would be a good idea to get them an ice cream from the truck, but at $3.50 for a flake cone, it wasn't a good idea. I also noticed that you can do anything with the kids, but they still misbehave and want more but don't want to give anything back for it. No wonder parents keep their kids locked up at home lol.

To top off today, they had a play at the park and Andrew asked me about how it was built.
Back in 1998, the town fundraised and got sponsorship and things and we as a town chipped in and built a "Kids Own Playground"
There were picket fence fundraising (where your name got put on a picket for $5 a space) and mufti days, sausage sizzles etc.
I don't remember much of the park before we all built the new one, but this one is much better. Its really awesome to see something I helped build (ok, it was maybe one nail) is still in good knick and my kids get to play on it every day!

I have dinner cooking.....chargrilled chicken patties, cheesy cauli bake and pasta so I better go.

Much Love

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