Saturday, January 5, 2013

Damn Steam Trains!

Today has been a very trying day in our house.

John is at work and I have no idea when to expect him home
The kids have attitudes and are really pushing my buttons
A Steam Train went past twice

The kids have been really pushing today. Its hot. We are tired. They are bored. I have a headache.
Blah Blah Blah

I took them to the library and had to tell them to SHUT UP in the library. I am always having to tell them it is a QUIET place *gah*

Then we went to the supermarket to get some dinner stuff

Then off to a friends house.

We got home about an hour or so ago and all I've done is yell at them and tear my hair out.

Then a steamer comes through!

Tooting his damn horn RIGHT OUTSIDE MY HOUSE adding to my dramas.

So I have written the company a nice email (well I hope it was nice) asking them why the driver does that and can he not do it anymore. It is loud and freaks the kids out. Its not the train, its the horn.

Anyway, Im trying to relax before doing dinner and John getting home. The last thing I want is for crabby man to come home from 14+hours in the Sahara to me yelling at the kids (and him).

Much Love

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