Thursday, January 3, 2013

Im looking for a PLANNER....

Something like this
2013 planner
That is FREE or easy to use preferably lol.

Im not the most clued up person in the world and now Im looking for a program (or whatever she uses) so I can make my own planner.

I refuse to pay $14.95AUS to download her planner (which I probably will do anyway). I mean, Im using MY paper, MY ink, MY internet etc to download something that didnt take long for her to design.

I do get that you need to be paid for your time in a lot of cases, but this should be half the price or free or something.

Other things the children and I have done today is:

  • We went and saw John at lunch
  • We had a friend come with her son for a cuppa
  • We went to my mama's for a cuppa and to get out of the house
  • We got TWO new games for the xbox 360! (yup naughty mama)

Now Im am trawling the interweb for a planner, watching the kids play xbox and waiting for John to get home. I should be doing dinner but its a 20min thing that I dont wanna over cook as I have no idea when he is getting home from work today. Oh and did I mention he got bloody poached again? I know he is deserving of getting poached all the time, but hes in the best place he can be for his trade.
At least where he is, he can travel or go up management (he already is manager, its just not official lol) and Im soooo proud of him!

Ok...I have to continue my search.

Much Love

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